Saturday 28 April 2012

Recent exhibitions and visits

In March I too went to the David Hockney exhibition at the RA and actually took 2 photos before I was told they weren't allowed, but now I can't find them - an inspiring show; so on to the London Print Fair which I decided to go to last Friday at the last minute. I'm so glad I went, a real feast for the eyes. It was easy to walk round (unlike the Hockney) so you could spend time having a close look at prints and the people manning the stands were friendly and approachable; even though I wasn't spending £42,000 on a beautiful Sybil Andrews print!!!! I've liked her work for a few years, I had no idea how 'in' work by the artists of the Grosvenor school is.

A selection of work by Sybil Andrews and Cyril Powers.

I loved these buildings  by Kristian Krokfors.
Exciting work by Paula Rego.

What fun!! I haven't finished yet by Phil Shaw, £1,650 and some more of his work....

This dog is obviously a character, I don't remember the artist.

This porcelain piece was so clever.

This alphabet of London by Tobias Till was outstanding; imagine the hours these prints took!

I coveted the china with  Eric Ravilious designs, the boat race bowl was £4,200 (just in case you see one in a junk shop!), a guy had just bought it. The Coronation mug was only £1,000.
Altogether a great day, even if it was raining when I left. On the way to King's Cross (quite glamourous now) I bought sushi for supper and relaxed with a coffee on the train. I do love my retirement!!! By the way, welcome to my new 'followers'! Do please mention my blog to your fellow artists/ friends.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day out - it's soothing i really ought to do myself.

  2. Love that porcelain piece. Sounds like a fun day out.

  3. A lovely post, I must go and hunt out my husbands coronation ash tray, a strange thing to give a 6 month old baby, but I think in those days most people smoked but not that young!!!

    1. I did laugh at the ash tray present,how times have changed!!

  4. Anna. I love that porcelain piece too, and your photos are a sign that 'print' covers a wide range of things. The little dog is a Peter Clarke collage and I have posted about him myself. I am a huge fan of his stuff. If you ever find that Ravilious in a junk shop give me a call!! Me? I'm looking in that junk shop for High Street or Bawden's Life in an English Village - in my dreams eh?


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