Saturday, 2 August 2014

Great news

My son had a brain scan a couple of weeks ago and this week we had a consultation with his oncologist. Waiting has been difficult but it was brilliant news, all clear with no sign of regrowth of the tumour; so the radiotherapy did it's job, hooray!
The next scan is in February, so he can get on with his life and I can get on with mine! He has recently self published his book 'Blessed with a brain tumour' and will go to Oz and then USA to promote the book.
His positive attitude throughout has been inspiring. He will be holding meetings, talking at conferences, life coaching and continuing to write, which he has always wanted to do. A complete change from his work fund raising for charities. All very exciting.
My Cambridge open studio went very well. This year I opened for 4 weekends and I had a lot of lovely visitors with good sales. 
The only photo I managed to take, my sister!
Another good happening was in the post, the RSPB are using my hare design as a Chr...... card (far too early to use that word). 
They are calling it Leaping Hare. They pay me for the licence to use the image. Another charity are also using one of my designs but I haven't seen the finished card yet.
I've only 2 of my Hare at Burrough prints left, it was a variable edition of 35, using different colours for the fields and sky. Sometime ago I handcoloured a woodpecker print and thought I'd do the same with a black and white version of the hare. It was fun getting my water colour paints out. This will be sold as a one-off unique print. 
I really enjoyed a recent 2 day stay in York with 4 college friends, we met at Wall Hall College of Education inSeptember 1966 and in recent times meet up every year. It was my first visit to York, what a lovely place. 
Here are Mary, Carol, Miz and Barbara exploring the Shambles area.
We had a fabulous tea in the Earl Grey Tea shop as well as going on a river trip, exploring the Minster of course and the Museum. 
I couldn't resist this roundabout! 
I was lucky to have 2 helpers in the garden the other day, both growing fast, Barney is now 4 and William is 17 months; both great characters.