Sunday, 7 July 2013

Preparing for Cambridge Open Studio

No time for blogging recently, life has been extra busy with family and lots of preparations for this yearly event. I am open this weekend (and the next 2) and had some lovely visitors yesterday but know that this afternoon most people will be watching the tennis; so I expect it will be quiet.
Maybe Barney will take up the sport!! I think my raquet is a bit big!
Back to printing, some screen printing in progress, I produce a range of cushions, tea towels and aprons.

 I've done some exciting printing on paper this year after a non-creative phase, I'm proud of the hare print, lino on screen printed backgrounds. When I stay with a friend in Leicestershire we see hares close up in the field at the back of the house and that was the inspiration for this print. The landscape is beautiful, I've shown some favourite trees and the little empty cottage on the horizon. This is the inked up block, a stage I always love as you can see begin to see how it will work out.
It's a variable edition of 35 and I'm using different backgrounds and colours, I think this is my favourite,
but I also like this one.
I always enjoy open studios, it's fun meeting people, gives me a very good reason to dust and make my studio presentable! and it's as if you run a little gallery for a few weekends!
There's a quiet place to sit by the side of the house, just right in this hot sun.