Monday, 24 February 2014

A fun day

I've taught 3 lino workshops recently and while they were tiring they were also wonderful. It was a great reminder of how therapeutic creativity is.
Jenny, Joanne and Paula joined me this time.

Jenny found the right angle for her board.

Joanne printed her sample fish and below is her inked up lino block - a beautiful butterfly, I forgot to photograph the actual print. 
Jenny's flowers showed her great design skills.
A busy day!
Paula's design is a good example of the simplicity I advise for a day's workshop.
White on  black paper looks good.
A successful day!
I'll end with a family theme, so important at the moment. Mia, Wills girlfriend is staying with us from New Zealand.
She cooked us a sensational Balinese meal. These are steamed fish parcels - fish tum.
We also had rice, beef dendeng ragi and urap - a wonderful vegetable stir fry.
I was sous chef for this yummy, spicy, aromatic meal; lots of chopping!
I've so enjoyed cooking with Mia.