Monday, 15 October 2012

My first lino cutting class

Several people have asked me when I was going to hold some art, particularly lino cutting, classes in my studio, so after a lot of planning I contacted those interested people and I held my first Introduction to Lino Cutting and Printing class last month, at home in my studio.
 3 people joined me for a busy, fun day learning about lino cuts. We learnt about the different types of lino to use, the tools, the inks and the papers for printing on. We then practised using the tools.  Jane, Sarah and Gina had fun getting to grips with the tools and experimenting with the different marks that can be made. It was fun, it's exciting trying something new! When ready we transferred our design to our piece of lino and set about cutting the design. This is part of the process I love, Jane, Sarah and Gina had fun getting to grips with the tools. We learnt to ink up the lino and hand print onto Japanese Washi paper using various tools.

Here's Gina using a roller to hand burnish her print.
 It was great to see our first results, very exciting! Then we moved on to printing on my wonderful book binding press, which is fun to use.

We had a really lovely day with great results.
I'm holding another day in November, (no spaces left) and planning a day each month next year. If you are interested in joining me for a class, do contact me.
Thanks to Jane for taking a few photos with her phone (I'd left my camera in Norfolk).
Her's Sarah with her lovely abstract bird design.....

...and Gina's delicate birds and trees.....

...and Jane's delightful Christmas trees, already made into cards I hear.

 Sadly no photo of Jane!
I had a wonderful day, totally exhausted afterwards but such fun to share my passion with others - 3 more people who may well get hooked on printmaking; they want to come back!