Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sketchbook pages and some new work....

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook, finished at home after my museum drawing day. I don't spend time on sketchbooks, often my ideas are a very rough sketch which I then use for a lino cut; so it was a change to spend a little more time on these pages.

Following on from my love of hares my new work is 3D lino cuts, each a one off featuring a hare.
This one is Hare, the lurker, the looker to the side. 
They are great fun to do, working smaller makes a change for me.
Here's Hare, the swift as wind at Wimpole Hall. 
The titles are taken from a Middle English poem The Names of the Hare which may have come from a Shropshire family. It was apparently designed as a ritual to be recited by the hunter on his first encountering a hare; and the 77 different names were supposed, on their recital, to deliver it into the hunter's power. It's 64 lines long, so I can't help thinking that by the time the hunter has recited it, the hare would be long gone!