Friday 27 April 2012

This and that....

When I collected my book binding press late last year I was given this lovely embosser by Les Baynam, who runs Homeward Bound, a company specialising in book binding and printing presses.

 A friend kindly cleaned it up for me and I intend to get my own stamp made for it;I don't want to be known as Dover Corporation Electricity Department! It's a fine piece of Victoriana which looks lovely in my studio.

I recently submitted work to The Cambridge Drawing Society - http://www.cambridgedrawingsociety/ - and was elected as a member. One of my lino cuts was selected for the exhibition at the Guildhall in Cambridge which ended last Saturday. It was an interesting exhibition which made the news due a painting being stolen at the private view!! Luckily the police recovered it! My print wasn't sold but lots were, which seems to be unusual at the moment. Being a member means that next year I can enter 4 works and they run another exhibition in the Autumn.


  1. what a beauty! when you have new plates cut do let us know your supplier, alas mine is a much more utilitarian green and i haven't got around to that bit yet. Congratulations on your election :)

  2. Congratulations on being elected a member to the society Anna. It must be a wonderful affirmation to be chosen by other artists and that print is destined to be sold elsewhere I suspect. Beautiful stamp too. What a pity such things of beauty are almost redundant these days.

  3. well done! I have been wondering what you have been up to recently

  4. I love the embosser!!!

    We went to the Cambridge Drawing Soc exhibition and I spotted your print by the door. Every year I men to enter some work and then I read the rule that none of the pieces have previously been exhibited within 30miles radius of the Guildhall... and I'm stuck for what to choose, so leave it for yet another year.

    Well done for getting you work accepted.


    1. Thanks for your comment, maybe next year Celia, printmakers are in the minority and I'm sure they would like your work!

  5. Lol, I'm sitting here looking at our company stamp, still a legal item too! Nice looking things though I always think. Well done on the rescue.

    A very nice blog and I enjoy seeing the processes yo go through for printing.


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