Sunday, 9 June 2013

The trials and joys of printmaking!

After a day of fairly successful results at the Curwen Print Study Centre, I decided to continue my Perry Green ideas at home. It made me realise how much preparation is involved before you even start printing.

Careful cutting of some masks and blocks.

My lino blocks based on Henry Moore's wonderful sculptures at Perry Green, which I visited last summer with Gina. I'd achieved some good prints of both ladies and wanted to play around with some over printing. Lady 1 (who may be given a name as I'm rather fond of her) was fine; I wanted her to stand out more. Unfortunately the paper I used to mask her was too thin (lesson learnt!) and she came out with measles, so no good! Wish I'd left her alone!

I should have stopped printing, but continued in the same unfortunate way; too much ink, not enough ink, smudges etc.

I did end up with 3 good prints, but it was a reminder of how difficult it is!

Last night though came the joy when I was playing around with more Perry Green ideas. I mixed up a lovely brown by mistake and printed on some screen printed backgrounds that I did ages ago. What fun when the creativity just flows.

This is my favourite and I'm treating myself to an extra day at the Curwen on Monday, can't wait!

Two more favourites! William and Barney.