Saturday, 23 November 2013

Landscape, ivy, fish, penguins and doves.

As usual we've had great fun on my last 2 lino workshops.
Hilary's ivy was delightful, I loved the wreathe shape.

Jenny's country landscape demonstrated skilful cutting. 

A fe days later, more delights...
Sarah's fish had lots of movement..... 
Chris's cute penguins..... 
Jenny's dove looks as if it's flying with the swallows on my apron! Very simple and effective.
So 3 more people enjoying their first taste of lino cutting. 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Nature and wildlife on Offa's Dyke walk

Remembering how beautiful our walk was. Abundant berries; is it going to be a hard winter or was it just a late Spring?

Art ona farmhouse roof. 

Beautiful design on a stained glass window. 
Interesting fungi! 
This is the Stinkhorn! so called because it releases a foul smell to attract flies. They land on the slime, pick up the spores on their feet and carry them to new locations, thus ensuring reproduction. Clever! 
The Fly Agaric is round when young, flattening as they mature. 
It is poisonous, the name coming from the custom of putting pieces of the toadstool into a saucer of milk to act as a flykiller.
Yellow stagshorn resembles stubby antlers; in dry weather it can be orange. It grows on dead coniferous wood in damp woodlands. 
Best friends. 
The boots that did the walking!