Friday, 3 February 2012

Log cabin completed

Last week I realised my log cabin design was dry enough to print the final colour; it was going to be blue but I changed my mind and went for a deep purple. Here we are ready to print.

I masked off the middle of each print so it got no purple on it.

 I was a bit nervous, as being a reduction lino cut if I messed up the placing......
........but luckily it went OK.

I wanted to get a bit of a retro feeling, like the log cabin bed spread I started in the '70's. I knew it was all lurking in a bag somewhere and found it last year. I had loads of strips ready cut and some squares ready to put together, so I made a few more squares and joined them up to make a throw rather than a huge bedspread which would never get used. It needs backing, quilting and edging of course!

This is full of memories, curtains made, a shirt for me, the dressing gown I made to go into hospital to have Louise, dresses for Louise and me.

On this square the brown and white crepon was left over from the very first dress I made myself in the 60's, I do wish I had it now! Also the material I made a button through dress with, to go over my hot pants - worn with the skirt part unbuttoned - wish I had a photo!! A lot of the fabrics are Laura Ashley; I used to shop at their first shop in the King's Road, where they just sold fabrics. It's a shock to realise the fabrics are 40 to 50 years old!