Sunday, 30 September 2012

Patchwork in progress

Well, Herts Open studios is over for me and I had 2 successful weekends; lovely visitors who were interested in finding out more about printmaking; including Itziar, a lovely Spanish graphic artist from St. Albans, who reads my blog - good to meet you! I didn't take any photos, oops!
Now I've got back to the machine quilting on my modern log cabin quilt, nice and easy wavy lines and 'rounded' squares. I'm using yellow and brown variegated cotton thread.

I've really enjoyed working with these modern fabrics, now I just need to quilt the edge pieces.

The speed in which this has been achieved is in stark contrast to my long term quilting project which was started years ago. It's a copy of an old Cumbrian family quilt that covers my table in my studio.

I'm quilting a design of oak leaves and acorns on the blue triangles. I now realise how barmy it was to embark on hand quilting such a large item, considering that it only comes out in the winter sometimes!! However, progress has been made, there are 20 small triangles all quilted and out of 60 large triangles 35 have been quilted so I am over half way through. I've also put 2 hearts on it; I'll have to decide whether to quilt anymore of those.
 I've decided to really work on it this winter, due to encouragement by Elaine, who came to my open studio and saw it. This week I have quilted 2 triangles. Maybe if I mention it on my blog it will spur me on!! 25 triangles to go!!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

More screenprinting

I thought August was going to be a 'quiet' month but it was really busy with lots of printing, both on paper and fabric, a few days out, seeing friends, a great birthday and time spent with family; all very good. I also acquired another press but more of that another time! I spent 2 days at the Curwen having fun screenprinting. Here are the results drying, lots to be over printed...
...and some finished...
I'm loving working on fabrics, my washing line is good for drying (on a still day!)

    I've put another table up and my studio is fairly chaotic!! 

A fun diversion was a day with friends Annie and Pippa at the Festival of Quilts, always inspiring to admire the truly wonderful work on display.
I liked the new layout once I'd worked it out! There was plenty of space in the food area which was good, so much to see that we'll need 2 days next year as I certainly didn't see everything.
 I was only going to buy some backing fabric for my 1970's log cabin patchwork but as I saw all the fabulous modern fabrics a new idea took shape.... I decided to make the back a 2012 patchwork, keeping the yellow and brown theme using fabrics with spots/stripes/lines. So, the following week I carefully planned a modern log cabin, the same size as the 1970's one, unfinished for 30+ years until earlier this year. Here it is, ready to join the blocks together after lots of moving around.
I'm machine quilting it at the moment, wavy lines in yellow and brown and going round on the squares. It's lovely to be sewing again!
I also had a stand at Ashwell Show on August Bank Holiday; better weather this year and quite good sales at what is mainly a horse show! It was the first showing for my textiles; cushions, tea towels, aprons and shopping bags.
I was demonstrating lino printing all day which generated a lot of interest.
I've seen a lot of my grandson Barney, being a Granny brings a delightful dimension to my life. He calls me Nanny or Gaga!

How cute.   
This week I will be getting ready to open my studio with Herts Open Studios, if you are anywhere near, do come along! I'm open on the 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd from 11 to 5.
 I've updated my website and written a blog today, phew!