Wednesday 9 May 2012

Award and books and manic May

Welcome to my manic May; 4 printmaking days, book making, Living Crafts at Hatfield House, a stand at the House and Garden Asthma Fair at Chilford Hall, Linton near Cambridge, a weekend being Granny, tennis tournament, a couple of art exhibitions and.... most exciting of son Will coming back from Oz via Los Angeles and Vancouver for a few weeks!! Can't wait!!

Last week I had a lovely surprise, Miriam at 77 Belle awarded me the Liebster blog award for a blog she likes to read, started for blogs with less than 200 followers; another thankyou Miriam if you are reading this! I'll be looking out for blogs to pass on the award to.
I am on a course with Gina of Fan My Flame making books, here are a few of the results.
We started with simple and then more complicated folded books.

The next one is made with one piece of A3 paper.
Here's Gina showing us how to do it!

I used a map of Canada for the covers and saw a place KITCHENER, along with lots of other English place names, as it's my maiden name I made sure to use it, just folding and glueing the piece of map to slip over the book to keep it closed.

I like this structure that you can slip pages into the folds.

One without the pages in.

A few weeks ago I was lucky to receive this book from Lesley at Printed Material.

I thought I'd make a similiar one... has a cover cut from one of my prints,

with map 'slots' holding pieces of different prints,

which could be written on the back.

The gift tags I sell could fit into the slots as well, or a larger version with pieces of plain paper would make an interesting note or sketch book. There are not enough hours in the day!!!!


  1. Your timetable looks very hectic indeed Anna but good luck with all the shows and stuff. Hope you sell lots of prints and then enjoy re-stocking on your printmaking days. I see books are now becoming something else to distract you but I suspect it will all go on hold when your son comes home! Have a fantastic month ahead... and let us know how you get on in that tennis tournament!!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I meet my son at Heathrow today, I am SO excited!!! I wasn't playing in the tennis, would like to but I'm on the NSPCC committee and we organise it, so cooking before and a day of providing lunch etc for 70 players - good fun and they all loved our food!!

  2. Gosh... I look very teachery (don't think that's a word but I'm sure you know what I mean!). Lots of lovely books Anna and perfect for display print. Try to enjoy the busy time too!


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