Sunday, 27 October 2013

Saturday's Lino workshop

What fun we had on Saturday when Hilary, Janey and Mark joined me to learn about  lino cutting and printing. I really enjoy working with adults and as usual had a lively, hard working day.
Janey's fine cutting of Raspberry, her  border terrier. 
Marc's dog jumping in the air had lots of energy to it. 
Hilary cut a delightful blackbird. 

The print in a delicious prussian blue.
Janey's Raspberry in rubine red. 
At work on the press. 
Three in a row- how did Marc avoid my camera with his print?
Another lovely day spent with interesting people. 
After Offa's Dyke the boots have been scrubbed and are off to Cumbria for a few days walking. We're staying at Buttermere, in my favourite area. Hopefully we won't get blown away!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back from Offa's Dyke Day 1 and 2

Sue, a good friend and I walked the southern part of Offa's Dyke 2 years ago and thought we'd like to complete it, so here we are, ready for the journey to Knighton.
Looking clean, fresh and dry! Our 1st night in Knighton was at The Fleece, a delightful B and B where Dana provided us with a 5 star breakfast which kept us going through the gloom; shame we couldn't see the views! 

Although we couldn't see far it was mild and quite atmospheric. 
Beautiful cobwebs on the gorse. 
Sheep waiting to be wormed. 
A snack in the rain to keep us going... 
and by lunch it was brightening up...... 
Wonderful ancient trees..... 
a peaceful scene 
and a view!
After a damp but fun 13.60 miles we arrived at Drewin Farm near Cwm, lovely.

It's surprising how much you eat when walking!!