Friday 3 June 2011

My 'map' photo

I chose one of my prints as 'my' photo because it shows where I come from. It is a lino cut of 'fields' inspired by my love of the countryside and maps; and printed onto a map showing where I was born and live now in one of the spaces. Also Norfolk and Suffolk both of which I love. I have only lived away from Cambridgeshire for 7 years of my whole life; those years were spent in Cheshire, Belgium and Bucks.
Yesterday I took prints to my framer Denise at Castle Camps; getting ready for Open Studios and for the end of course show at the Curwen in July. My printers in Royston are great. This is one of the postcards I've had printed to advertise my Open Studio, the text is on the back. It's a screen print called shoes and handbags, both of which I rather like!

This morning I drove up to Grafham Water with my son and we hired bikes to cycle round; it's about 7 miles and a great ride through countryside and woods with some good fast downhill bits! Of course the uphill bits are harder!
This weekend the Curwen hold open days and the tutors exhibit their own work. It will be interesting to visit in a different capacity.


  1. Your 'My Photo' print almost has where I live on it too. It does have Ingatestone on it where I go every two weeks to a patchwork group. Small world isn't it?

  2. i love your map on map print, i work with maps and aerial photos all day so this really appeals to me & i think its lovely that you created it with your story in mind :)

  3. Thankyou for your comments, Miriam I'm sorry you're not quite on my map! A Deegan, I see you're an archeologist - hence the maps etc. it must be fascinating work.

  4. Anna,
    I also love your map on map print. I love maps and using them in projects. So many people have abandoned them in favour of the Sat Nav. People like you and me need to keep finding a good use for them. Lesley

  5. Thanks Lesley, I think maps are wonderful; all those wonderful place names, symbols, colours etc. I'm looking forward to more experiments with printing, collage and painting. Let's keep maps alive! Anna


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