Monday 13 June 2011

Open access day

On Friday I did an extra day at the Curwen ; there was a collagraph course taking place with 4 people, so room for me to do some lino printing. I overprinted the 2nd colour on several shoe prints which worked well and did some more printing on to maps. This is some pieces of an aerial view I cut up so I could place them in different positions.

I love the green of this mapping print; it's printed on a French map. The roads make an interesting pattern. I also printed my other aerial view in some new colours; I like the grey and yellow.

I  printed some paler grey backgrounds and some lime green ones for future use, also this honesty lino cut.

A busy, successful day; I achieved all I wanted to do, a rare event! I was also pretty exhausted, it's quite a work out on the press!


  1. Anna,
    The yellow and grey print is a winner. I know they're a classic colour combination but they really work in your image. I am so envious of your linoprints. I can never cut lino cleanly enough so I tend to steer clear of it but you have mastered it. I wish I could do that! Lesley

  2. Lovely results Anna. I'll email soon about getting together (I'm not ignoring you... honest!)

  3. These are super, Anna. I love the grey and yellow but I also really like the green on the French map. It reminds me of fields, ploughed in different patterns.


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