Sunday 29 May 2011

Open Access Day

On Friday I was booked to do an open access day at the Curwen; after the somewhat frustrating day on Tuesday with my wren prints I was looking forward to making progress with the aerial view. I cut away parts of the lino key block to allow the 2nd colour to print on it's own, rather than over the 1st colour. Normally, the key block would be the darkest colour, printed last. I did it the other way round.

I had intended to print the 1st colour as a lime green with the 2nd colour as red, the third a blue. Instead I mixed a lovely grey as the main colour with red as the 2nd. I like the grey and red together.

I then overprinted the blue, with a transparent ink that I mixed. I don't like the colours particularly, but was thinking the sky and river should be blue! I didn't ink up evenly enough, finding that the transparent ink behaves differently from the opaque inks. So a bit of an experiment and a lot learnt!

Of course the beauty of the key block system is that I have the 3 blocks to play with, using different colour combinations; so lots of fun ahead!


  1. I really love the wren in the previous post. The colours in the final print of the aerial view are great, I clicked on the image to enlarge it and it's beautiful!

  2. Anna,
    I actually like the three colour print a lot. Those are my sort of colours but, as you say, now that you have three blocks you can trial lots of permutations with colour. The hard graft of cutting is over - now you can play! Lesley

  3. The block itself is beautiful and I look forward to seeing further colour combinations. Have fun!

  4. There is an excellent article in the June edition of "Country Living" about the inspiration of artists in the home. There is particular reference to the work of Edward Bawden and how prints can be used on textiles and ceramics.


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