Wednesday 15 June 2011

Monoprinting day

On Saturday I went to White House Arts in Cambridge, where various art and craft courses take place. My course was monoprinting with Valerie Armstrong. It was a fun day using Caligo inks, trying out different techniques such as transfer drawing, negative images, painterly prints and using masks and textures. Here are some of the results of a great day playing with colours and effects.

More birds.....

and more, smaller birds using paper stencils.

I  used stencils (just rectangles cut from paper) to create some monoprints loosely based on buildings.

I like the effect of layering different colours and textures - this one used some fine, lacy fabric, paper and overprinting - good fun! Another busy day printing. I should also mention the delicious soup made by Caroline. We sat out in her garden by the river in the sun having lunch; very pleasant.


  1. Gorgeous! Sounds like a great day all round.

  2. Fabulous - I love the second image of the birds. So much movement.

  3. Great monoprints Anna. Are Caligo water based inks? I've only used oil based for monoprinting so have always wondered what this type of ink is like. They look very vibrant and effective. Lesley


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