Monday 10 December 2012

New addition to my studio

I recently needed to move furniture around in my studio, to make room for a new addition.... here's a plan chest on the move... luckily I'm strong and I put felt pads on the base when I bought it, so that I could move it easily.

Here's the new arrival, on it's side in the hall - it was a bit of a struggle to get it this far!

Down the step and tipped upright.....

..... a lovely cabinet.....

and 33 drawers causing chaos around the house....

The cleaning process started enthusiastically.... it took over 2 hours to hoover, wash and polish the frame, then I began cleaning the drawers. All needed washing inside and out, the glass cleaning, some sticky sellotape deposits removed and then lots of polishing.

Luckily the cabinet arrived in the fortnight between my 2 Christmas open studios, which gave me a week to get it clean inbetween other committments and my studio tidied and ready for visitors. I'm not sure why these things always seem to happen when I'm under pressure.....

11 drawers clean, 22 to go....I couldn't resist putting a few things in, to encourage me to carry on cleaning (never my strong point!)

... only 5 more, yippee!

At last, all sparkling clean and in use. I just love it. Already I'm benefitting from knowing exactly where things are. Several drawers are awaiting contents; it's fun deciding how to organise everything.

I had been looking for something similiar for a year or so. It was rescued from a derelict electrical factory in Sheffield and was a much larger bank of drawers which were made into 2 cabinets. I really like the feeling of bringing an old, unloved piece back to life. It will be in constant use and already has been much admired.


  1. Wow! I have cupboard envy!!!!
    I often see similar (but smaller) cabinets in a local auction but they go for way way over my budget.
    Either you've won the lottery or were very lucky and got a bargain.

  2. It was well worth all the effort Anna. It looks fantastic. Another one with cupboard envy here!

  3. What a fabulous addition to your studio - not only lots of drawers, but with glass fronts so you can see the contents, well worth all that elbow grease.

  4. How absolutely wonderful - what a treasure to find!!

  5. Just stunning! I'm so envious of all those drawers. It would help me be so organised...... You have such an eye for a special discovery and your hard work has really paid off.

  6. Oh oh... serious cupboard envy raises its ugly head here... those glass fronts are a fab idea. No wonder you snapped it up... despite the cleaning it made you do. It was well worth all the effort Anna.

  7. Goodness me - I too have cabinet envy! What a fantastic thing that is. And glass drawer front so you can see what is inside! Where on earth did you find that?


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