Thursday 20 December 2012

Another fun lino printing class

Last month I held another lino cutting and printing class in my studio. Louise, Pippa and Nettie joined me for an introduction day. I'm really enjoying sharing my passion for lino cutting: I find the whole process exciting; from the designing, cutting, mixing inks, inking the block, choosing the paper and then that moment of lifting the corner of the paper......

Cutting your design takes a lot of concentration.
  Busy, busy, busy.....
Nettie's bamboo

Pippa's landscape.....

and Louise's winter tree. All different, all their own work and lovely results... very exciting!


  1. You must be delighted to have such creative students and how lucky they are to have a great teacher! Happy Christmas!

  2. Lovely results! One day I will come and do this with you!

  3. These are all so lovely! It has been years since I did a lino cut, but I remember how much fun they always were to do!

  4. oh what fun! Wish I lived closer, but I think I've probably got enough on the go just now!!


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