Sunday 25 November 2012

One quilt completed!

Some of you may remember that I decided to make a modern 'back' to my 1970's log cabin that I finally put together this year. I designed the new side to fit the old as closely as I could, and the width did exactly. I slip stitched the new to the old along the seam turnings to help it keep as one piece.

I then bound the edge with pieces of the modern fabric joined together.
So, from 1970's

to 2012.

I love the juxtaposition (great word and a family joke) of the old and new and it proves that it's worth getting an unfinished project out of the cupboard.

A recent ebay purchase was a vintage Ercol sofa; it needed new cushions and I had it covered in a warm purple. Here it is with some of my cushions on....

and with the new quilt.....

...which didn't quite match the new side lengthways (my square log cabins were obviously slightly wonky!), so I've filled the gap with a wedge of calico.

I'll use this to name and sign my quilt, so need to plan carefully, as it will be written in permanent pen!


  1. That has really worked hasn't it? You must be so pleased with it, well done you

  2. Your Quilt is very 'Retro' we had a table cloth and napkins as a wedding present in those colours, all the rage! I love it.
    Thanks for your comment Anna, I'm sure I'll like Pilates.

  3. I really like the contrast between the two 'eras' Anna. This is a great example of differences in trends i.e in fabric design and pattern but also a superb expample of the timeless quality of some colour combinations. It may have taken a few decades to finish but you've created an heirloom to be proud of there!

  4. The quilt looks fabulous Anna. My sofa was collected for its new cover yesterday!

  5. Oh I just love this! It is such a satisfying thing to complete an unfinished project and your colour choices are fantastic. I particularly like your freehand quilting on the 2012 side. Reminder to oneself here: finish off one or two projects....

  6. Isn't it funny how things date? It all comes around again though and your solution is perfect.


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