Wednesday 21 November 2012

Findhorn experience

Last month I embarked on a new adventure; I travelled up to near Inverness to take part in an experience week at the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community, eco village and learning centre on the Moray Firth. I went 1st class (when I booked in advance this was cheaper than a normal ticket!) which was very comfortable with food and drink regularly offered. This, 3 changes, interesting scenery, a book and starting my journal about the week helped the 10 hour door to door trip pass ........ well, in 10 hours! 
My arrival at Cluny Hill, a Victorian building that was once a hotel.

Our group of 16 consisted of 4 English, 2 Americans, a Mexican, a Brazilian, an Italian, an Australian, 3 Dutch, 1 Swedish, 1 German and 1 English/Dane!! A truly international gathering of all ages, all with different reasons for being there. It was all very new to me, I practice Mindfulness and wanted to explore and deepen this aspect of my life. The week included activities to bring us together as a group, sacred dance, meditation, sharing sessions, talks about the community, Taize singing and 4 mornings of 'love in action',  ie. working in the community; I worked in the garden.

The entrance gate to the original garden at Findhorn.
Some eco houses at The Park

A house made from an old whiskey barrel!!

The Nature Sanctuary at The Park, a place for meditation.


An afternoon by Findhorn River.

Our group art work on the beautiful beach, my favourite place up there.

My part.....

The pebbles in the heart represent my family.

An amazing week of new experiences.


  1. Wow! What a fabulous sounding adventure. It must have been very soul filling.

  2. It sounds like a fascinating experience Anna.

  3. What a wonderful way to refresh the spirit.

  4. What a special place and a memorable adventure.


  5. Anna, it sounds and looks inspirational. A concentrated week of activity can only enrich the philosophy you've embraced. Lucky you.

  6. What a beautiful place, and experience, and photos. I had a week at The Barn Buddhist Retreat Centre in Devon two years ago - for similar reasons. It is a very special gift to give to ones self. Glad you enjoyed it Anna.


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