Friday 20 May 2011

Week 3

Thankyou to Gina for getting me started with my blog - a whole new world! Also thanks for looking in and your comments.
Another busy day at the Curwen with all 8 of us back together, which was lovely (we have worked in 2 smaller groups for some of the processes). I had intended to do some more etching but in the end got carried away with printing some lino cuts I'm working on. I have always been interested in maps (must be from taking Geography A level all those years ago!!) and have been experimenting a bit. This one is one from Mapping series 1, a lino cut with chine colle. This one is with my framer at the moment, I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

I'm finding printing so exciting, as the possibilities are endless... much more exciting than botanical water colours, which I started painting 2 years ago when I went on a course with Valerie Oxley at The Farncombe Centre near Broadway in the Cotswolds. They do lots of fabulous courses. I then printed several of my current 'aerial view' which was quite complex to cut. This is the original block.

I love the blocks almost as much as the prints, they seem to become part of you!! I like this lime green one.

I am now going to use this block as the key block to print the design in 3 colours, which is taking some working out in my head, as I haven't done this before. This is the block I plan to print in red initially, so I'm cutting away to leave only parts I want to be red. As you see I've a long way to go!

Then I'll cut another block, leaving parts I want to print the 3rd colour, hopefully will manage this over the weekend.
You can achieve a lot in one day, this is the day's work drying on my studio floor!

 Tomorrow I have a stall at Guilden Morden Garden Event, from 11 to 2 at the Village Hall. This is the 2nd year they have organised this. Lots of stalls with a gardening theme - plants, alpaca manure etc!!! I will take prints, water colours and a range of cards. I'm teaching at Guilden School this afternoon (I do some supply work - it helps fund my printing habit!!), then playing tennis, then out to supper at Cotto in Cambridge this evening with my lovely family - a busy day!!
I'll leave you with my lovely shoes!!


  1. Love the lime green ariel view... and the shoes of course! Enjoy your supper this evening. I'm going to be playing Eric Clapton CDs very loudly and wishing I was somewhere else!

  2. Lovely work, have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Anna, I found your blog through Ginas one. I am doing the pre degree in textiles. I love your Lino prints. They are wonderful. I have recently started Lino cuts. And have cut myself quite a lot!!!! I really really like it though if a little dangerous!!!

    The maps are my favourite and are very inspirational.

  4. Isn't printmaking endlessly fun? And always full of suprises that encourage more experimentation?

    I've found your blog via those of Gina and Celia, and look forward to visiting here often.

    Best wishes.

  5. Hi Anna, Your blog looks great! And I love your lino cut prints.

  6. These lino prints are great Anna. I especially like the top one. I can see I have serious competition in the printmaking world!


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