Monday 1 May 2017

Where did the last year go?

It's now over a year since I wrote a post. Much of last year was spent worrying about and visiting an ill sister and feeling generally uncreative. Fortunately a day's printing last month at the big studio with my fellow printmakers kick started new ideas. To fulfil some of these I am making space in my studio for something new... more of this later, but the space has been achieved by having a serious clear out of my fabric and art supplies cupboards, only keeping items I am likely to use.
The decluttering started after my pilgrimage continues with my local hospice shop benefitting.
 I love these cupboards, I bought them from a school I was working at in Cambridge 30 years ago when they stripped the whole school of the Victorian pine fittings.

This one has moved into another room after clearing it and halving the contents.
Here's the space my hard work created.

My workshops continue to be great fun.

Here are some of my creations at my pottery class, which I just love.

I enjoyed a trip to London to see the Hockney exhibition. Very interesting to see the full range of his work over many years. There was time to visit other galleries as well.

It's been a busy year with exhibitions, open studios, teaching at various venues, family life and a 
 holiday walking along the Pembrokeshire coast. What a fabulous place, it was my second visit to the area, the first was 58 years ago!

Such a beautiful, peaceful area.
I'm wondering if anyone will read this as I've not posted for so long, but for me this is a snapshot or reflection of my life at this time and has a value for me and maybe for my grandchildren and future generations... I hope someone in my family will be as fascinated in our family history as I am!


  1. Of course people will read .... and enjoy to hear from you ! Hope all if well now in the family and your "printer's block" has gone ;-)
    (Ohhhh would love to do a workshop ... but don't even live i the UK :-( ...)
    Love your rocky coast : we only have dunes and sand ...

  2. Well I am still reading! Pleased you are feeling creative again Anna... I'm not sure I ever will!

  3. Welcome back Anna, your pottery and beautiful photos are proof of your continued creativity, as are the happy faces and lovely work of your students (like Els, wish I was closer and could come to a workshop). I do hope your sister's health has improved.
    I have cupboard envy!!

  4. Can it be a year since we met in St Davids? I was down at Monk Haven the other day and imagined you starting your walk from that part last year. Where does the time go? Anyway, good to see you being creative and I see you are at Oxford again this July. I'm not coming this year but hope it goes well. Lovely to read your news here again!


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