Tuesday 13 May 2014

More fun workshops

I've had lots of fun working with lovely people coming to my workshops. Here are the results, as usual inspiring.

Tess's tree worked really well in red on black paper and Nicola chose black to show off her house and cats, very effective.

Lynn's iris was lovely, 
Gilly's sea horse looked great in blue.
3 friends came to my next class. 
Clare's lino block of her lovely hare, I didn't get a picture of the finished print.
Collette's toadstools were very effective. 
Nanette's sunflower was delightful. 
All were excited by the possiblities of lino cutting; fun had by all. 
I've been working on a new lino cut, Hares in the Spring, which has taken a lot longer than usual to plan and cut as I've not been well. Getting back to being 'me' again a,d here's the print. It's a series of small editions, each one in a different colour.
One of the screen printed backgrounds. 
 Blue sky version.... 
and this colour way ready to be my next card design.
Recently my son Will watched Mum and fox cubs on his walk locally and I 've spent time quietly watching them, so cute and small. I love their dark ears! 
My own delightful family, Barney walked out of the first picture but the 2nd one shows enthusiastic
removal of pond weed by Barney and William, now walking. They had great fun!
My son William continues his recovery following his radiotherapy. He and Louise have birthdays this week, 35 and 37 so happy celebrations. 


  1. Busy days Anna - love that last picture of your two little garden helpers. Your latest prints are fabulous - I feel privalaged to have seen them in the flesh!

  2. Those two colour prints are gorgeous Anna, a real example of using printmaking processes to maximum effect. Good news about your son but sorry you've not been too well. Hope you're feeling better.

  3. Love the prints, as ever, they have such liveliness to them. How lovely to have those little cubs nearby, they are so cute aren't they. Glad to hear your son is getting better, hope he continues to improve and that you do too after being poorly.


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