Friday 27 December 2013

When life is difficult

Recently it's been a tough time for me personally and, more importantly, for my family. Afteer afew sleepless nights, talks with good friends and words of wisdom from my lovely son I decided I must channel my sorrow and fears.
So I screen printed some hare backgrounds which went wrong to start with but I perservered, printed some Hare in the snow prints
did some bad knitting (I really like it but can't do it evenly!) and ate jelly babies
started a new book 
looked after little William who spent much of the morning asleep on me - what a comfort.
I tidied my study -gosh, I can see the carpet!, framed myself a hare print -just for ME (part of looking after myself) 

I made my first cup of tea in my 1st mug design (selling well) 
All these simple pleasures over a few days helped me, as did Barney, grandson number 1 bringing me flowers he'd chosen himself 'to cheer Gaga up'. Wow, you had to smile at his wacky choice! 
How fortunate I am to have wonderful family and friends around me, including my dear son Will back safely in the UK, more of him next time.


  1. Thinking of you Anna. I hope you've had a good Christmas. You know where to find me if you fancy a chat and a cuppa. x

  2. You latest designs are great Anna. Sorry to hear that life's hit a rough patch - sending my best wishes xx

  3. Sorry to hear things are tough at the moment. I hope the New Year brings only good things for you, glad your son is home and your family are there to support and care for you! Love your work as always Anna.

  4. Life throws things at us when we least expect it but it sounds like you're surrounded by lots of love and affection Anna plus there are those of us out in the ether who care too. And if all else fails how can you go wrong as long as you have jelly babies!! Hope things improve for you soon. Those prints are wonderful by the way!

  5. My special good wishes to you at this difficult time. I hope you draw strength from your family, friends and wonderful creative talent. I treasure my beautiful hare print. Thinking of you.

  6. Hello & welcome to my blog, thanks for joining me! I've really enjoyed reading all about the many different things you do, such a lovely & diverse range of work. There's nothing like a bit of art therapy to keep you going thru difficult times. Great to meet you & here's to a happy 2014!

  7. Thank you all for your kind thoughts x

  8. I'm sorry you have been suffering - let's hope you art and your grandson are still propelling you x


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