Monday 19 August 2013

Festival of quilts

I went with friends for 2 days to the festival this year, as 1 day never seemed enough. We stayed overnight and I really loved having 2 whole days to enjoy all the fabulous quilts, browse the trade stands and book stalls. There were many beautiful quilts on show, here are some of my favourites.
This was Night and Day by Mike Wallace made with self dyed fabrics, pieced and quilted.
Below is Green Copse by Helen Howes; stitch, piecing, print and dye used. 
People by Ineke Berlyn; machine pieced, applique, dyed, printed and drawn.
I loved the work by Karin Ostergaard; Inspired by nature.
This was called Birds sing, some scream; it had a lovely textured look.
Above is Full Circle, a vibrant piece by Marianne Mohandes which held great meaning for her and all of us who have someone in our family with cancer.
I really enjoyed the Wiolan exhibition by 3 Dutch textile artists, particularly those by Willy Doreleijers; no photos allowed.
Red Stones 2 by Dianne Firth was maybe my very favourite - so difficult to choose amid an array of beautiful work. 
Another beauty, A Slight Murmur of Starlings by Janie Harvey-Douglas. 
It was fun staying overnight! 


  1. I like your choice of quilts, there were so many it's hard to select just a few! Well worth staying over night, I would definitely do it that way again.

  2. I very much like your choice of quilts ... I tend to shy away from them, but these are really good. I especially like the top one and the red spots. But the pictorial ones are stunning pieces too.

    1. Thanks Celia, I'm always amazed at the standard of work on show, such talented people! I would love the red spots on my wall!

  3. Hard to pick favourite from so many wonderful quilts on display but your selection are fabulous.

    1. Thanks Gina, I would love one or two of these on my wall!!


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