Thursday 29 August 2013

Bank Holiday Monday and odds and ends

I wondered if it was a good idea to have a stand at Ashwell Show, I was feeling tired following hosting a family lunch party on Sunday, having returned from a holiday on Saturday; however it was a sunny day, I had an assistant all day (what joy not having to load/ unload my car myself!!) and I like supporting local events.
No pictures as I forgot my camera but I was demonstrating lino printing and during the day had plenty of interest. For me this isn't a big selling opportunity, after all, it is basically a horse show but I was fortunate to sell 3 unframed prints as well as a lot of cards, so was pleasantly surprised. Another bonus was how easy it was packing my car -  last December I changed cars. Reluctantly I parted with my much loved very sporty Audi TT and became the owner of a sensible Audi A4 estate. Back to a family car now there are 2 grandchildren and the extra space is great for going to art fairs.
The sun certainly brought large numbers of people to the show, the proceeds all go to village organisations. I saw lots of people I knew, met new people, booked someone to come on one of my lino classes and advertised my open studio days, open with Herts in September.

A few photos from my garden....

Mr. Tibbs playing ball.... 
and Barney made a hat for William from an envelope.... 
he didn't seem to mind!
I was given some greengages yesterday, so made my favourite jam, so yummy sucking the jam off the stones, memories of my childhood when my mother would sit us round the table with a plate of sticky, jammy greengage stones; a great treat. 


  1. Greengage jam = heaven!

    Well done at the show! I second your delight at having an assistant and an easy to pack car :-)

  2. Glad you did well at the show! My Nan always made greengage jam from our trees when I was growing up and we had a Victoria plum too. That takes me back, I've never made jam, just chutney lots and lots of chutney. Another large courgette needs using up!
    William is gorgeous and how lucky Barney is to have such a willing hat model!

  3. Well done at the show. I'm starting to do a few from next month and its nice to get some tips.


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