Saturday 11 May 2013

Stephanie Redfern course

Recently a friend Anne and I went to The Bramble Patch in Weedon, Northamptonshire for a 2 day course with Stephanie Redfern. It was good fun to be working uninterrupted on a project alongside other like-minded people in a lovely environment (fabulous shop!). The title was Into the wildwood.
On the first day we printed, painted or stamped papers and fabrics and started designing our piece. Stephanie is on the left.
My friend Anne having fun!
The colours I chose to work with and a sketch of ideas.
We stayed at a hotel in Weedon and had a great meal at The Narrow Boat pub in the evening, right next to the Grand Union Canal.
The next stage......
Anne at work.
Discussions; sorry I didn't know everyone's names.
A few examples of the lovely work, all different.

My first machining.....using Somerset paper as the background.
I used fabrics I'd printed at home using screens I made using my own photographs.

I finished my piece at home, it's called Six Trees.


  1. How great to work with Stephanie, her work stood out for me at the FOQ last year. I love your piece Anna, in a favourite colour combination of mine.

  2. What a super sounding course and your end result is lovely.

  3. Hello, Anna. Stupidly, I forgot to sign up to the blogs of everyone who's doing Lesley's print swap, but I'm up to speed now. It's so interesting to see what everyone else is doing. Jane


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