Wednesday 22 May 2013

Lino class

I had a great day teaching lino cutting and printing on Saturday with Jill, Jenny and Clare. I wonder if they were as tired as I was that evening?! I do love this teaching, it's such fun helping people to bring their designs to fruition. You always learn from your students as well, so it's an interesting process for all.
Luckily Jill, Jenny and Clare all liked cats, as Pepper aka Tibbles aka Mr. Tibbs wanted to meet everyone.
Here's Jill cutting her block.

Clare inking up -  a delicate balance to get those really thin layers of ink; Jenny taking a closer look!

Jenny cutting her words, back to front of course so that they print the correct way round.

Jill turned out to be the hand burnishing Queen, taking great care to get an even print. We loved her lady cycling along with a goldfish in a bowl.

Clare looks after hedgehogs in her garden, her little hedgehog was delightful.

Jenny did really well cutting her letters, here's the resulting message in red to match her kitchen.

Pepper was also tired with his day of lots of attention!
It's a hard life!


  1. All printmakers need a good furry studio assistant - pepper obviously did a grand job keeping everyone calm and creative.

  2. Some lovely prints from your students. Obviously helped by Pepper!


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