Monday 1 April 2013

Printing fun

Last week I had a print day with my group Inkline at the Curwen; it was the first day working together this year as we missed a day last month while the whole studio was being rewired following the fire last year. It was lovely to see everyone again. Here are some of my group: Lauren and Maria and

 Mike with Kate busy in the background.

My main aim was to expose some silk screens using some of my photographs.
Pebbles on Findhorn beach.

A log pile in a forest in France.

A slab of rock by the beach in Tasmania.

The images (manipulated on Photoshop) ready on film.

I was putting the images on to screens for textiles and for paper (they have a different thread count to the mesh).
The first exposure on the textile screens didn't work as they needed a longer exposure time - the emulsion all started to come away as I was washing it off so I had to start all over again, first stripping the screens clean. All very time consuming (the whole day) but I now have 4 screens to play around with once I'm back home (in Dorset for Easter).

While I waited for emulsion etc. to dry I managed to pull 3 prints of my latest lino cut, a Great spotted woodpecker. I'm going to hand colour his lovely red parts.

It needs to be framed and ready to deliver to an exhibition in Cambridge next week; first job when I go home tomorrow!


  1. Oh, how wonderful to have an inky group of friends to play with!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the prints you take from your screens. Meanwhile your woodpecker is lovely.

  3. Love those photos. There's always beauty to see when you look isn't there? I'll be really interested to see how the prints come out, and your woodpecker with his red rump.

  4. How great to have access to this resource. I like the stones screen in particular.

  5. I am so looking forward to seeing these screens translated onto both fabric and paper. The pebble image looks wonderful. How lovely to have a group to work with and such fabulous 'historic' printmaking surroundings to do it all in.


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