Wednesday 20 March 2013

Quilts completed!

I finished my big and little quilts a couple of weeks ago, a satisfying end to a fun project.
 They both have the same striped backing material and edges bound in black.

I've made 4 pockets on the back  for Barney to put his favourite little toys in.

This quilt is a little premature, as Barney is still  in his cot, so it will live at my house for a while.

Below is the little one I made for Barney's soft  toy doll, Max, who has a little wooden bed  shared with various other toys; I've used some of the same fabrics, again with a little pocket.
My first attempt at free machining on anything that mattered!

I had to look in my old school needlework folder to remind myself how to work blanket stitch....a long time since I did any embroidery!

I've been ill for over a week with a lousy cold, but yesterday felt a little better and did some screenprinting. Thinking about a small piece with a trees/ wood theme... in black and yellow, not sure why...maybe because of the lack of sun outside...

over printed in grey....

first playing around....more fun ahead.


  1. Glad you are feeling better Anna. Like the grey and yellow experiments... and the finished quilts of course.

  2. lucky Barney - I bet he's looking forward to being big enough to fit his quilt, and the little matching one is delightful. I like those yellows and greys as well, lovely graphic images to remind us that there is sunshine somewhere above the grey of the clouds!!

  3. Lovely Quilts! And the screen printing is as always brilliant

  4. Anna, the quilts are great but the screen printing catches my eye even more as you'd probably expect! Black,white and red is a stunning colourway but I've alsways loved the mix of lemon with greys. I think it is very elegant in the right shades. Have you photo etched these screens? I can only screen print with stencils here because I don't have access to anyone who will burn screens but your examples make me wish I did! Just lovely. Keep showing us. It always inspires me.


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