Wednesday 6 February 2013

Happy cat

My new house guest, Pepper, is making himself very much at home, trying out all the best places to make himself really comfortable....

...on my patchwork fabrics here! These lovely fabrics are for a quilt for Barney's bed, blacks and reds.

More lovely work from my class at the weekend....
Mavis printed a delicate allium head,

Jenny with a prickly teasel

and Rebekah with cute reindeer...

ready for next Christmas. The results of another fun, busy day.


  1. Pepper seems to be totally at home. Looking forward to seeing Barney's quilt.

  2. Morely lovely results from your students. Barney's quilt is going to be super... I love black, white and red together!

  3. What a discerning cat! He can obviously see that black, white and red make a stunning combination. There are some cool fabrics there Anna so it will be fascinating to see how you pair them up.


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