Tuesday 12 February 2013

Creative juices flowing

Barney's quilt is well under way, I decided on modern log cabin squares, making up 2 squares of the same fabrics. It was going to be 18 squares but I had so many lovely fabrics that I ended up with 28! I've chosen picture fabrics for the middles; animals, birds, letters, numbers and boats plus plain black and red and black and red 'graphic' fabrics (lines and spots). At this stage I just made up squares I liked with no definite plan for the finished quilt. Machining the pieces in strips makes it quite a speedy process.

lots of lovely squares to play with!

One day when I needed a break from the quilt I played with some screen printed fabics to make a couple of sketch book covers. I cut out and fused the birds and suns onto the tree fabric and then quilted it....

....and made it into a cover, quilted in black and yellow; here's the front...

...and the back. A bit of fun.

While on a roll, I'd wondered what to do with a piece of linen I'd printed with  my modern trees. I made it into a simply quilted cover for my new small sketchbook that goes with me in my handbag.

With the small piece left over I made a needle case, again edged with black shiny bias binding.


  1. Can I have a little squeeze of that creative juice Anna? Lovely stuff!

  2. Gosh you have been busy! I love the book cover with the bird and sun.

  3. Anna, I just don't know how you find the time! The projects are gorgeous and Barney will just love his amazing quilt.

  4. You have been busy, Barney's quilt is lovely!

  5. Wonderfully productive and fun too x

  6. Like Jill, I could do with some of that creative juice down here Anna. Wonder if I could get it via an intravenous drip somewhere? The quilting is so neat but it is the fact that you've used your own screen printed fabrics that I find exciting. They are gorgeous.What a fab way to utilise them.


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