Sunday 26 August 2012

Fabric printing course part 2

More about the fun course I went on last month. I really enjoy the camaraderie of courses, artists always seem to be so friendly and it's fun to share ideas, methods and books with like minded people. Here are some of the lovely people from the week.
 First, my friend Annie showing work from previous years.

Annie, Ricki and Louise.

A fashion show!

Here's the first fabric I printed to make a tablecloth, we were using Selectasine inks and binder.

This is for another tablecloth....

Pieces for cushions maybe....

A tea towel with my modern trees design....

All the fabrics needed ironing on the back with a very hot iron to 'cure' the ink.
 Here's a cushion cover in use.


  1. Just love those swallows and your zingy hot flowers, what fun you've been having!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment,the fun continues!

  2. I love that swallow print too Anna.I can't remember from part one whether these are thermofax screens or photo etched? They are lovely and crisp images. Makes me want to dust off my screens and do some myself!

    1. Hi, the swallows, landscape shapes and flowers were all stencils cut out of paper, the trees are photo screens, exposing the design onto photo emulsion, a long, involved process but then of course you can use it lots of times (as I'm sure you know!) Have fun!!


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