Wednesday 15 August 2012

Bits and Bobs

Recently at the Curwen I had the chance to visit next door to view some of Mark Hearld's original prints; what fun!

 As well as showing us Mark's work, Jenny was explaining how the separations are done for a lithograph. That day Carrie Ackroyd was working with Michael Papworth on her latest prints. I love her work and met her at Art in Action 2 years ago, she kindly said I could take a photo.

Meanwhile, demolition is nearly complete at the conference centre.

My Open studio weekends were interesting as usual, I had similiar visitor numbers to last year. Tiring but good fun!

All clean, tidy and ready for visitors.

I was very flattered when a woman thought I had printed these lovely vintage curtains.... a recent purchase, a design called Maquis by Lucienne Day. In the winter, when I imagine I may have more time, I will unpick them, wash and remake with  interlining and lining. 

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  1. I met Carrie a few years ago Anna and we are lucky enough to have one of her original watercolours hanging on our walls. She is indeed a very talented lady and lovely with it. You are so lucky to be printing on site at Curwen - all those treats that come your way make me very envious! I also want those Lucienne Day curtains! How come I never find anything like that? The fact that a visitor thought you'd produced them just shows the appeal of timeless design doesn't it? Glad the studios went well.


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