Friday 30 September 2011

Christmas cards

Hi everyone, I 've been on a long walk; but more of that in my next blog. This is about my lino cut designs for Christmas cards that were accepted by the RSPB and are now on sale in their shops and available in their catalogue. It was all by accident as well. Someone who has bought several of my prints turned out to work on products for the RSPB; she saw my card designs last year and asked to take samples to show her boss. Here are the two designs they accepted and printed in gold and red.

Here they are in the catalogue - I still can't quite believe this has happened; it's exciting....apparently I am now a freelance artist!!!!

I called them Snowy trees and Winter trees, the RSPB renamed them Winter silhouette, as you can see.
 I have recently submitted some designs to be considered for 2012; they work a long way ahead.


  1. I bought a packet of those from the RSPB as I liked them so much

  2. How lovely Anna. Congratulations on being selected. Talent will out! I love the crispness of these images and might even splash out on a packet. I am a member of the RSPB but often put off looking at the Christmas catalogue until I'm forced too. As we're still enjoying this indian summer I don't want to get too far ahead of myself!

  3. Many congratulations! These are beautiful cards, I'll look out for them.


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