Thursday 15 September 2011

Artist's book course

I went on a great 2 day course last week with Gillian Hand at Art van Go in Knebworth. Gillian lives in Oz and has been over here for a few months sharing her book making skills.

Work in progress on a concertina book made with origami paper.

The finished book  (I will probably add some decoration to the covers), it was fun to make.

This flag book has a lovely sculptural look to it. On the 2nd day we tackled this one....

I used part of one of my prints as the cover with off cuts of somerset velvet paper as the pages.

 I love the spine of this book. It was tricky to make as my paper was really thick.

This one took most of the morning and I think we were all worn out!! However the final book was fun. We made the hard cover with a spine and stitched in 3 folios (a group of pages) using a linen thread with 2 needles to make the rope pattern down the spine.

Again I used a not so good lino print for the cover with some hand made paper pages. This was my first time at book making and took lots of concentration; so two tiring but enjoyable, successful days.


  1. Those books are so complex. I love the way you used your own prints as covers. Well done Anna!

  2. Using your prints for the covers really works well Anna. The piano hinge book is fabulous. Great pictures of Barney on the previous post.

  3. I love using old prints for book covers Anna. They are really effective, especially the chain stitched spine. Looks like a great workshop. Now you have to use your bookbinding skills to make a full book of your own prints... now there's a challenge! Lesley


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