Friday 14 March 2014

More Lino Workshops

Some more lovely work from my recent workshops.
Mia, Pam and Maggie at the cutting stage. 
Careful inking up, 
Mia's lion... I'm sorry I didn't get final photographs of the lovely landscapes printed by Pam and Maggie, but here they are having fun. 
The next day featured a komodo dragon, 
a horse
and honesty

Marcy, Janey and Jenny had a very successful day. 
The great thing about teaching these days is that it's a shared learning experience and I love helping people start their printmaking journey.
I was pleased recently to be asked to tutor some lino printing classes at Missenden Abbey next academic year. Alison had seen my work in Cambridge Contemporary Art. I gave it a lot of thought but realised that at the moment I couldn't make that committment, so have reluctantly declined this opportunity.


  1. That opportunity will come again Anna because your talent as a teacher is easy to see. Everyone emerges with a finished print and look so proud of their work, just as it should be.

  2. I agree your chance will come again. And in the meantime your students are enjoying your workshops in your studio, bonus is you don't have to travel!

  3. The opportunity will definitely coma again Anna. Alison is too interested to let it go and you only need to go back and say the word when you feel the time is ready!


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