Saturday 23 November 2013

Landscape, ivy, fish, penguins and doves.

As usual we've had great fun on my last 2 lino workshops.
Hilary's ivy was delightful, I loved the wreathe shape.

Jenny's country landscape demonstrated skilful cutting. 

A fe days later, more delights...
Sarah's fish had lots of movement..... 
Chris's cute penguins..... 
Jenny's dove looks as if it's flying with the swallows on my apron! Very simple and effective.
So 3 more people enjoying their first taste of lino cutting. 


  1. What gorgeous results. I wish I lived closer as I think you might be a brilliant teacher Anna. I need someone to help me make better cuts. I make a dreadful mess of the edges and could do with the expert advice.

  2. Hi Lesley, Thanks for your comments; I think sharp tools are the answer, I sharpen all mine before a class which lets you cut a clean line (usually!). I've probably still got your address, when life's not so busy I'll send you a piece of the vinyl floor tiles I mostly use.


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