Sunday 27 October 2013

Saturday's Lino workshop

What fun we had on Saturday when Hilary, Janey and Mark joined me to learn about  lino cutting and printing. I really enjoy working with adults and as usual had a lively, hard working day.
Janey's fine cutting of Raspberry, her  border terrier. 
Marc's dog jumping in the air had lots of energy to it. 
Hilary cut a delightful blackbird. 

The print in a delicious prussian blue.
Janey's Raspberry in rubine red. 
At work on the press. 
Three in a row- how did Marc avoid my camera with his print?
Another lovely day spent with interesting people. 
After Offa's Dyke the boots have been scrubbed and are off to Cumbria for a few days walking. We're staying at Buttermere, in my favourite area. Hopefully we won't get blown away!

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  1. Wonderful prints by all. Have a fun few days walking.


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