Monday 21 January 2013

3rd lino class

3 more people joined me early in January for a lino class. Another busy, interesting day with all of us learning from each other. I love printmaking whether on my own at home or with my print group but teaching the process adds a new dimension which I'm really enjoying.
Above, Pete hard at work on his powerful cheetah image.

Inking up......

Jean's lovely tree and landscape....

and the finished prints....

Asako's iris block inked up and the finished print; beautiful.

 I'm also having problems with uploading photos so have done this using Firefox, but it doesn't seem to behave in the same way as Internet Explorer, so this has taken ages!


  1. Your students are producing beautiful work Anna. I love the iris.

  2. such lovely results in a day!

  3. all very beautiful prints. a hugely successful class

  4. It looks as if you all had a really good day. About loading pix - I'm wondering if it is a conspiracy to get us to use Google Chrome. I now post using that and have had absolutely no problems with pix. Indeed, I can now copy and paste which I could not do before.

  5. Some fabulous prints from your students Anna. Glad you got the photos sorted out,

  6. Fabulous prints. I have all the gear and no idea. One day!

  7. Great prints here Anna. Introducing the seduction of printmaking to people is great isn't it? I've only just noticed your youthful photo and address for your website (how have I missed that?) so I'm off for a gander.


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