Thursday 21 June 2012

Bookbinding Day

Last week I was at The Art Nest in Hitchin for a bookbinding day with Ken Futers 

All having fun.....

 It was a great day learning more about traditional bookbinding and good to pick up tips from a new tutor. Ken was highly organised with all tools provided, packs of materials for each of us and he ably demonstrated all the techniques - we were told to WATCH!! He managed to keep all of us (6 women) on task and it was a very busy day. Lunch, provided by Emmeline, was yummy sandwiches, homemade scones and cakes which were greatly enjoyed; with tea and coffee throughout the day. What could be better than being creative in good company fuelled by good food?
Here's my book in progress....

and the finished book; 

which I was really pleased with. I had to dash off at the end of the day to teach but just got these photos of more lovely books, well done everyone!

Here are some books I've made recently.

and these since my course...

Bookmaking appeals to my precise nature, all that accurate measuring etc. but like printmaking has endless possibilities for colour combinations, different shapes and materials...... such fun! Also, my bookbinding press is now being used for it's original purpose as well as for relief printing.

Lastly a photo of Barney at the village Jubilee celebrations, he loved his crown (well done Mummy)......

and with my birthday present (2 this week)

Like his Granny, he loves gardening.


  1. Barney is so cute and looks delighted with his birthday present, glad to see you've got him hooked on gardening at such a young age!

    The books are lovely, my daughter did her BA in book arts at the London College of Printing, apparently the course has been discontinued. It's a shame, book making and binding is a skill.

    1. I imagine it was a fabulous course, what a shame. Your daughter seems to have inherited your creativity!

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  3. What a great sounding course. Love the photos of Barney!


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