Friday 3 February 2012

Log cabin completed

Last week I realised my log cabin design was dry enough to print the final colour; it was going to be blue but I changed my mind and went for a deep purple. Here we are ready to print.

I masked off the middle of each print so it got no purple on it.

 I was a bit nervous, as being a reduction lino cut if I messed up the placing......
........but luckily it went OK.

I wanted to get a bit of a retro feeling, like the log cabin bed spread I started in the '70's. I knew it was all lurking in a bag somewhere and found it last year. I had loads of strips ready cut and some squares ready to put together, so I made a few more squares and joined them up to make a throw rather than a huge bedspread which would never get used. It needs backing, quilting and edging of course!

This is full of memories, curtains made, a shirt for me, the dressing gown I made to go into hospital to have Louise, dresses for Louise and me.

On this square the brown and white crepon was left over from the very first dress I made myself in the 60's, I do wish I had it now! Also the material I made a button through dress with, to go over my hot pants - worn with the skirt part unbuttoned - wish I had a photo!! A lot of the fabrics are Laura Ashley; I used to shop at their first shop in the King's Road, where they just sold fabrics. It's a shock to realise the fabrics are 40 to 50 years old!


  1. What wonderful memories held in your beautiful quilt. The prints are fabulous too!

  2. Your beautiful quilt holds memories for me too - my sister and i used to buy bundles of fabric off-cuts from Laura Ashley, I have a 'crazy patchwork' bed spread she made for me somewhere. And crepon... I remember making a dress from a Rose and Hubble crepon in the 60's, thought I was the bee's knees!
    Your reduction print is looking good, well done.

  3. I love your print, a really striking and bold design, great colours :) And its lovely that your patchwork is seeing the light of day at last!

  4. The prints are looking amazing. It's great that the quilt has so many memories attached to it, I like working on quilts that mean something to me and will be treasured by others. Well I live in hope!!!!

  5. Anna, the purple was a brave but inspired choice. I love the depth in these prints and envy your ability to get the registration so good. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember going out with my friend when she wore her hot pants underneath her maxi coat! It was bizarre when I look back on it. Would love to have seen a photo of you in hot pants! Being a traditional pear shape I never had the legs for anything short and used to envy tall willowy girls!

  6. That print is looking magnificent. I'm glad the whole process is going so well and I look forward to seeing it framed. Your quilt brought back fond memories of those Laura Ashley squares I used to buy to make baby items for my children.

  7. Absolutely fantastic! You did a great job - the prints are well executed and absolutely beautiful. Congrats on taking that leap of faith...never easy. When you get to it we'd love to see a framed one on your wall. Thanks for showing us!

  8. your quilt evokes sunlight glancing through winter woodlands, delightful, and your print is just lovely, so crisp and clear capturing the log cabin format but taking it further.

  9. Oh my goodness...I'm sure I have quite a few of those fabrics in my unfinished things from the 70s . Its funny how they have a sort of familiar feel when I look at them. I love your lino printing, and the post about the woodblock printing was fascinating.


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