Tuesday 10 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy new year to everyone, rather late I know but it's been busy with my son back from Oz, hospital appointments, playing tennis, working on my website, printing, Barney sitting, taking prints to an exhibition, a new private pupil this week and 2 lessons to plan for tomorrow. I do wonder how I taught 34 children full time and remained sane - well almost!
 Interesting times also in that I did my meditation practise for the first time at a Buddhist Temple; the next morning I found myself unexpectedly sitting in on a water colour class watching James Willis painting  - a varied life!

I'm getting the feel of my press, last week I had more fun....

This is to mark the birth of my grandson and is an example of the Special Event commissions I do.
Ready for St. Valentine's Day, a LOVE lino cut with a chine colle heart .......

and the same design printed on sheet music.

The next print links birds and song......

my guinea fowl feather lino cut on sheet music. A bit of a tenuous link, as of course no-one could call the noise guinea fowl make, a song or musical!! We kept them on our farm and my mother hated the noise. They're one of my favourite birds; I love their shape and the beautiful patterns of the feathers. I also like eating them.....


  1. Happy New Year to you too! It sounds as though your year has started as a very busy one! Your Lino prints are beautiful, especially the heart one ideal for valentines day. Is your son home permanently or just for a visit? My husband is on his way to heathrow to pick up our daughter, I'm looking forward to seeing her and hearing about her holiday in Australia!

  2. Love the red blue combination on Barney's print. Sounds like you've been busy. Look forward to seeing you next week.

  3. Great prints Anna, obviously made in the spare moments of your hectic routine. I saw Valentines cards in the shops on New Year's Eve and made an expletive about seasonality etc but I've realised that it's not that far away so I hope you make lots and sell many!

  4. Delightful cards - I love your style Anna. All the best for 2012 and I'm sure you will get to love your new press.


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