Sunday 21 August 2011

Curwen summer school

What a fun week at the Curwen, attending their summer school. Monday was spent on a drawing day with Chloe Cheese, starting with Chloe showing some of her lovely work and talking about her inspiration.

Chloe is the daughter of Bernard Cheese and Sheila Robinson, both artists who lived in, and were part of the Gt. Bardfield groups of artists.

Chloe asked us to do 5 minute sketches of an object with certain types of printing in mind. Lots of interesting things to draw!

My pencil sketches haven't photographed well as they were light lines. Then we spent longer on one object using colour as well, I chose a fabulous shaped piece of flint.

This was sketched and painted using Brusho powder paints. I hadn't painted for ages so it was fun. Later we went outside and sketched anything we liked. There are lots of interesting sculptures in the grounds, I took lots of photos.

I loved this one.... and this... Chilford has it's own vineyard.

On the 2nd day John Mills, sculptor, spent the morning with us sharing his prints and telling us how he became an artist, which was very interesting. A modest and extremely talented person.

We spent the afternoon on drypoint, working on acetate. I printed these jugs.

My welsh gaudy jug and a modern design...

This one has chine colle on.
They both need some sort of background printed round them.....I'm doing some open access days at the Curwen next week, goody!! 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week Anna. Love the drypoint prints. Makes me want to get some acetate out and have a play. The first one is my favourite. Looking forward to seeing more. Lesley


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