Friday 8 July 2011

Cambridge Open Studios

My first weekend was a success! Luckily my sister came to help me, so I could concentrate on chatting to people. I had some lovely visitors, interested in my work and wanting to know more about the various printmaking processes. I enjoy sharing my exciting journey with others; sales were good, the sun shone and the wine and elderflower cordial were enjoyed. The Sunday was quieter but it meant I could keep an eye on the Wimbledon final now and again. So, a very busy, exciting weekend.

My studio looked good and my work went down the hall and spread into the dining room as well.

Here are some of my cards that I sell, printed from my original work. My welsh gaudy jug.... aerial view......

and my spotty shoes. I'd like a pair like these!


  1. Your studio looks brilliant, glad you had such a success with your open studio.

  2. Glad it was a success Anna. It all looks so professional so it deserved to be. Lesley


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